10 things you don’t really need to know about me (but might find interesting):

1. I gained my BA in Industrial Design and Technology from Loughborough University. Graduated 2005. No, I didn’t do any sport at Loughborough.

2. My cryptically-titled Masters in Transdisciplinary Design, was in fact all about designing for the public realm and outdoor urban spaces. The transdisciplinary bit just meant that I worked with designers from different disciplines (such as graphic design and advertising).

3. My foray into corporate life lasted from 2005 to 2010. It involved me pretending I wasn’t a designer and trying to fit into aerospace engineering and then the utilities contracting industry. I was pretty good at pretending (and I learned a great deal about business, commercial management and process engineering) but am much happier now.

4. Nature is the best designer in my opinion.

5. I’m vegetarian and love animals.

6. I believe that our surroundings affect our emotions and wellbeing. More on this in a blog post soon.

My top canine assistant, Diesel

My top canine assistant, Diesel

7. I’ve recently re-located from Lancashire down to Somerset. Verdict’s out on which is better – and I’m probably not the best person to ask (my husband’s from Lancashire, my Mum’s from Somerset…).

8. I think that sustainable design isn’t just a jargon phrase. It’s sometimes tricky to reconcile trendy interior design with being sustainable and eco-friendly but I do my best.

9. I love travel. I’ve been on a four month round-the-world trip on my own. I lived in the USA for two months. My husband and I took a 13-day trip down the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon for our honeymoon. Have backpack, will travel!

10. Our dog Diesel is the bestest. Here he is being Top Office Dog.