My Inspiration: Burning Questions

I love the weekly Burning Questions YouTube video subscription that pings into my inbox every Sunday. It’s produced and presented by renowned maverick graphic designer James Victore and the format is James answering a different audience question each week.

Victore tackles topics such as creative niches, valuing your time, harnessing your creativity and many more burning questions about the world of design and creativity. Victore’s rallying call is:

  • Make work that matters.
  • Love something other than yourself.
  • Have a damn opinion.

The weekly video is like a shot in the arm full of inspiration and realism. It helps me to reflect on my own work and consider different ways of doing things, new ways of working, alternative viewpoints.

One episode of Burning Questions was James interviewing Austin Kleon about his latest book, “Show Your Work”. I followed up the recommendation and bought the book – and now I’m trying to follow the book’s advice and show my work via this blog, Twitter and good old-fashioned getting out there and talking to people.

My favourite quote from the latest episode: “The first rule of business is FUN!” Designing is hugely fun for me, so no worries on that front!

Go check out Victore’s YouTube channel here.