The secret to incredible interiors...

In my previous post, the Dangers of DIY Design, we looked at some of the common pitfalls that I’ve seen in interiors before. Poorly planned rooms, magnolia paint everywhere, busted budgets, poor lighting and confused schemes, these kept on coming up.

And it got me thinking - how could I help people to avoid these potential issues in their own home design projects?

Surely everyone wants a great-looking home, that reflects their personality and suits their lifestyle without making costly mistakes? Don’t they want to get there as quickly as possible, without stressing and worrying about making the wrong decisions?

That’s why I’ve created the Interior Design Launchpad. It’s my brand new online course, designed to help homeowners become their own interior designers. You can achieve that professionally designed look, without the “designer” price tag.  

The secret to incredible interiors is…. That there isn’t one (sorry to tease you!). There just isn’t a magic formula or secret sauce that they teach all interior designers in design school. There’s just a simple, step-by-step method to follow to create amazing designs for your rooms.

The secret is that there is no secret - sorry about that...

The secret is that there is no secret - sorry about that...

All you need is enthusiasm, a passion for great interior design and the professional interior designers’ method broken down into straightforward, achievable steps that you can follow. Let me share a few examples:

Over-stuffed rooms can be combatted by carefully considering the layout and flow before you start placing your furniture in the room. This avoids a room filled with out-of-proportion furniture, or tables that you’re always banging your shin into! I’ll show you how to sketch and measure your room, and draw a to-scale floor plan that you can use to plan out your whole room before you even start moving furniture around.

Avoid magnolia mediocrity… Fancy trying out pastels, accent walls, exciting colour combinations or on-trend patterns? With a little bit of knowledge of the colour wheel, and an understanding of the three main ways to combine colour, I’ll teach you the tricks you need to know - and you’ll have the confidence to be braver with your interiors!  

Staying on budget is totally possible! I know it seems that everyone goes over-budget on their projects, especially if you pay attention to the TV programmes (I’m thinking of the likes of Grand Designs, where they somehow find multiple thousands more than their initial budget to complete their projects). It really doesn’t have to be this way though!

If you’ve got all your costs thought out from the start using a simple budget planner, you’ll be able to afford your next project, and eat something other than baked beans on toast afterwards. I’ll share my own interior design budget planner that I use for all my projects – and you can make your new design is totally affordable.

Avoiding confused schemes isn’t hard. All it takes is a bit of legwork up-front, indulging your Pinterest habit and then carefully curating a ‘look and feel’ for your room. Then it’s all about understanding how to implement that style in your own room at home, in a considered and deliberate way (i.e. not just heading to your nearest interiors store and picking all the shiny things  that catch your eye!). I’ll walk you through collecting inspiration, refining your style and putting together a beautiful mood board that perfectly captures your vision for your newly designed room.

We’ll look at all these areas and much more in my brand new online interior design course.

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