Answers to the questions I often get asked

How do you charge?

I usually work on a fixed fee per project basis. I assess the ins-and-outs of each project and provide a quote based on that information.

My fee is fixed, and it’ll only change if the project scope changes or there are major revisions. All fee information will be set out in the project proposal document.

Book a chat with me now so you can tell me about your project.

What are your fees?

Sample project fees, to give you an idea:

Small project

- One room, e.g. a lounge, a master bedroom, a small café. Online communication only.

- This is my Interior Essentials (coming soon) package = £797


Medium project

- 2/3 rooms in a house, a shop, medium-sized restaurant

- Fee varies considerably – from £2,000 upwards.


Large project

- Complex requirements or multiple rooms. Examples: hotel, large bar, full house design of large dwelling

- Fee typically upwards of £10,000

Each project is different, and the above fees are just indicative guidelines. Contact me to discuss your project and get a personalised quote.

What’s commercial interior design?

Commercial interiors are spaces for businesses or other organisations (schools, healthcare, charities etc.). This includes bars, clubs, restaurants, shops, offices, cafés, spas and hotels.

I love working on commercial spaces. Often they can present different challenges to residential interiors (i.e. homes).

Why do you offer different packages?

For a long time I only offered my Full Service Interior Design package, and it worked really well for most clients. But a few people would explain that they were on a tight budget, and could I help them?

Sometimes they were starting up a new business venture and had limited funds. Or other times, homeowners with limited resources craved beautiful interiors. I really wanted to help.

That’s why I developed my Interior Essentials online design service. It’s a cost effective way to get expert advice and creative ideas. It gives you the information you need to implement your new design.

What’s your style like? Will it work for me?

What I love most about working as an interior design is the variety of people I get to work with and places I get to see. Every project is different!

I don’t work to a specific, prescribed style. My design solutions are tailored to what each client needs / wants. I’ll work closely with your preferences and ideas to deliver a scheme works for you.

Do you only source items from specific places?

I source the best items for your project and to suit your budget, regardless of where they come from. I work with local trusted suppliers to get you the best possible deals, and have access to some trade-only suppliers too. 

I'll source from anywhere, including auction houses, second-hand shops and IKEA, if that’s what works best for your project.

Where are you based? What geographic area do you cover?

I’m based in Somerset, UK.  I work across the UK and will happily travel for the right project. Drop me a message to find out if I can service your project and location.