Re-visiting a project - Zoners take 2!

Last summer I got a phone call from my client at PROUD @ Lancaster University about the "Zoners" project I worked on in 2013. Would I like to re-visit the project to tweak and improve the consultation tools we'd produced? Hell yeah I would!

What a great opportunity. It's been really rare (in my experience) to be able to go back to a project once it's "out there". To fix all the hiccups and niggles that you weren't quite happy with once you saw the product / space being used in real life. To use a genuinely iterative process that takes account of feedback from users interacting with the product / space in their everyday activities.

The first step was to get together with Gemma Coupe and Leon Cruickshank (both Lancaster Uni) and Helen Ryan, Lancaster City Council's Public Realm Officer (the "user"). We had a good chat about the Zoners and Helen told us how she was getting on with them. Helen explained some of the issues she was having and extra uses for the Zoners that we hadn't thought about before.

For the full low-down on the solutions we came up, with head over to the case study.

Stay posted for some fancier images - once the weather improves we'll be heading out for a photoshoot!