Collaboration - benefits and how to...

Collaboration makes for fun and dynamic interior design projects

Collaboration is really important to Pickard Design when working on interior designs and outside spaces. I collaborate with a diverse and almost-endless number of specialists and trades including architects, structural engineers, electricians, lighting designers, landscape gardeners, joiners, furniture suppliers - and of course, my clients.

So it was great to head over to Best of Britannia North last week for Creative Lancashire's Conversations in Creativity debate about collaboration. The panel included:

  • Anthony Wallis – Best of Britannia
  • John Pearce – Made in Britain
  • Denise Pearson – Deni Deni
  • Charles Hadcock – Sculptor, Creative Lancashire and Roach Bridge Tissues
  • Stephen Hume – Linn Audio


The venue was pretty awesome too! The old Post Office on the Flag Market in Preston:

Benefits of collaboration

Collaboration can:

  1. Open up new and exciting opportunities to work on different types of creative projects.
  2. Be a great chance to learn about other industries and design disciplines from the best in field.
  3. Increase brand awareness for businesses, particularly for a newer business working with a well-established brand.
  4. Inject fun and enthusiasm into a project – especially for those who work alone or in small teams.
  5. Deliver a better product / outcome for the end users!

How to manage creative collaborations

Make sure that you:

  1. Are open to opportunities to collaborate– but choose collaborations carefully
  2. All agree the project goals from the very beginning.
  3. Understand what each party will contribute and how they will benefit from the collaboration.
  4. Get a simple collaboration agreement in place at the start.
  5. Keep talking – communication is key.

The panel’s experiences and advice certainly rang true for me, from my collaborations on a number of projects including the PROUD Toolkit with Lancaster University and exhibition with Hayley Alter, graphic designer. I love learning from suppliers, clients and other designers and really enjoy the energy and creativity that collaboration brings to design projects.

Give me a call on 07793 716356 or get in touch if you'd like to collaborate with Pickard Design on your latest commercial interior design project!